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One day Mila and Mark find a weird wooden figurine. Soon they realize that in fact it’s a wizard under a curse. A Great and Mighty wizard! But he’s really unhappy.

Awful Grey Nothing is absorbing the wizard’s world, and the only way to save it is by doing good deeds. After every good deed the world expands, after every bad one it narrows.

Episode 1
After meeting the wizard Mila and Mark travel to a mysterious world and find themselves at the small part of a footpath. With every second it gets smaller and smaller. Mila is so nervous she slips, but Mark saves her. The girl thanks her classmate. Because of her kind words the footpath becomes bigger and a lonely house appears from the fog.

Episode 2.
Mila and Mark meet an painter. He’s very sad because he lost his inspiration. Kids decide to clean up his yard and find the portraits of a mysterious woman. After the painter sees it, his inspiration’s coming back to him. Another piece of the disappearing world appears from the fog.

Episode 3.
Mila and Mark find themselves next to a road. They have to paint the road signs and markings to cross it. Kids explore the new parts of the town and they meet a girl named Fixy. She’s sad because she’s not used to just sitting around doing nothing. Kids suggest she builds a traffic light. 
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