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This is Pho-Pho, or, as he likes people to call him, Phoenix. If no cuts, then he is the Phoenix Almighty, the Savior of the Universe, the Guardian of Eternal Knowledge and the First Disciple of the Grand Master.

Tragically, his rebellious spirit is imprisoned in a feeble body which is why his teacher keeps calling him
Pho-Pho! And he is … Well, yes, he is a chick. Though, obviously, not an ordinary one, as you understand. One might even say, an absolutely extraordinary one, and even unique to some extent.

Long time ago he witnessed the fight between the legendary hero Kir the Tanner and the Last Firedrake. A drop of the dragons blood was spilled right onto him and and he became a Chicko Sapiens.

Besides, he acquired some vast magical abilities.


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