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Daniel  is Kir's father and Nicky's grandfather.

He is a powerful good magician, a recluse who leads a solitary life in a forest hut. Nicky is the apple of his eyes and grandpa worries about him very much because he knows what kinds of hardship he is meant to survive.

He is forced to remain impartial in this story in order not to break the laws of the Magic Balance. But it is grandpa's wise advice that comes to Nicky's mind at a happy hour and help him find a way out of plenty of difficult situations.

Once Daniel deterred his son from killing the Firedrake. He tried to turn him to the Light but the only thing he managed to do is separate the Dragon's Goodwill from the Dragon's Malice. The Malice was imprisoned in a cave while the Goodwill was given a second chance.


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