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Nicky a common boy and our main hero. Actually, he does not look that heroic as it is not typical of him at all to brandish his fists. But, on the other hand, he is a brainy lad.

Besides, he is very curious and truly kindhearted. It is really so, upon my word! Probably, thats the reason why his neighbor urchins have not accepted him into the gang. And what is more, they often mock him by daring him do stuff and, on top of that, they play mean tricks on him.

One day, after another mean prank, Nicky was sent to visit his grandpa in the country
to breathe the fresh air, to enjoy the forest, to live a happy and joyful life… but! There wasnt a single soul to play with! Thus, the grandpa decided to give him a calf as a present.


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