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Tricky! He thinks he is one of the woodkids, although he has nothing to do with them. He is a typical elt. Not knowing his roots, Tricky is always trying to join some kin.

Tricky does not trust anyone, and judging by the scars on his back, he
s got a solid reason for that. He has spent some time in the captivity of outlaws a “brilliant” company to have an impact on a growing individual … Oops! Its too early to tell about that.

Also, our fearless “lone wolf” is deadly afraid of water and dislikes water spirits. But, I
ll tell you a secret, he is not quite indifferent to Ivy, the nixie. All in all, he is nixie a kind fellow and an innate admirer of the beautiful.

Thus, he picks everything that lies in a wrong place, and takes it to his secret Nook. In a word, he is a typical wood scapegrace.


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