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Приключения братьев Радугонов
A magical planet called Dra-Dra is inhabited by iridescent dragon brothers - the Rainbow Dragons! 

Red Dragon is the strongest and the fittest of all brothers. Orange has an outstanding appetite. Yellow is the merriest
and the most carefree. Green loves music and flowers and Cyan has a passion for art. Indigo Dragon is smart and
observant and Violet keeps a constant connection with the outer space.

Every day the Rainbow Dragons fly out of their castle and erect the Rainbow. People who find themselves on Dra-
Dra while dreaming can get home by crossing the magic Rainbow bridge.

The rest of the time the brothers experience incredible adventures.
PROJECT: Rainbow Dragons by Anton Siyanika
CHARACTERS: Rainbow Dragons by Anton Siyanika
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STORY 1. The Rainbow Dragons and Little Dreamy

Once the Rainbow Dragons started arguing about which one of them is the boss. They had such a big quarrel that they completely forgot that they had to build the Rainbow Bridge and they didn't make a single attempt to do that.

This made a little boy nicknamed Dreamy, who had got to Dra-Dra in his sleep, stay on the planet as he couldn't go back home.

Fortunately, Dreamy succeeded in bringing the brothers together. He managed to explain that every one of them is the best of the best at something. But only together they are capable of working miracles like building the Rainbow bridge.  

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