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STORY: Willy Tilley by Anton Siyanika

Willy Tilley is a overactive contemporary boy who always finds adventures.

His parents have already used every trick in the book trying to take advantage of their son's immense vitality. Once, for instance, they decided to offer him some recreation in the suburbs. Who should have known that while being in the country he would find a way to the magical Drolly World where all the character's from the old-time fairy tales live!

We have to say, they lead quite a normal life there. Well, at least they did before Willy Tilley appeared. OK, you should know that everywhere Willy goes, everything instantaneously turns upside down. Well, for any fairy-tale this is only for the better.

PROJECT: Willy Tilley by Anton Siyanika
CHARACTERS: Willy Tilley by Anton Siyanika
GALLERY: Willy Tilley by Anton Siyanika
LICENSE: Willy Tilley by Anton Siyanika

STORY 1. Yaghа the Sorceress

Willy notices a strange cat while walking in the woods. The boy follows him and comes to a hut on fowl's legs and finds Yagha the Sorceress sitting on the porch.

At first, the boy believes he has ended up at a film set and tries to get on camera. But soon he realizes that this is not a movie the Scorceress and the Chatty Cat are real. The boy is afraid that Yagha might eat him but it turns out that she has been on a diet for three hundred years because of her digestion problems.

The boy presents the fabulous heroes with a book on healthy nutrition. This single good deed causes plenty of positive changes.

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